Standing Up for Schools and Students

My daughters attend public school in our district. As a parent, it’s my duty to secure the best education I can for them. In Congress, I will fight for the same for your family.


Supporting our schools:

It shouldn’t matter where you live—your children deserve the best opportunities whether your family’s school is in Parker, Trinidad, Greeley, Castle Rock, Fort Morgan, or Sterling. Yet large performance and achievement gaps between schools continue to plague our education system, and rural schools lack the support they need in Washington, leaving our children and their teachers without critical resources.

In Congress, I will stand up for schools in Colorado and nationwide by taking full advantage of all state and federal money available to schools and spending it wisely with students’ long-term success in mind.

Making college accessible:

We must do more to control the rising cost of college. The cost of tuition has in many cases tripled while student-to-professor ratios and the overall quality of education remains the same. In Congress, I will do all I can to make college more affordable and accessible.




Promoting lifelong success:

We should also do more to prepare young people to explore all of the options and opportunities awaiting them after high school. Many rewarding careers are open to people without a college degree. 

Learning in-demand trades such as construction leads to well-paying lifelong careers and small business success. In Congress, I will promote opportunities to learn in-demand trades to ensure our high school students’ lifelong success, and I believe all students can be successful whether or not they choose to go on to college.