Achieving Universal Healthcare

People in universal healthcare systems pay significantly less for healthcare. They live longer, healthier lives with better chances of surviving life-threatening illnesses and a significantly lower risk of preventable death. I will work with my colleagues in Congress to find solutions that lower costs and extend coverage to more Americans as we work toward achieving universal healthcare.


Securing America's Clean Energy Future

Energy independence remains a key economic and national security issue. Eastern Colorado boasts some of the nation's best solar and wind power potential. Clean power grows eastern Colorado’s economy, protects our natural resources, and ensures our nation’s security. In Congress, I will promote clean, renewable energy in Colorado and nationwide.


Standing Up for Schools and Students

Our children deserve the best opportunities no matter where we live, yet performance gaps between schools continue to plague our education system, and rural schools lack the support they need in Washington, leaving our children and their teachers without critical resources. In Congress, I will stand up for schools and students in Colorado and nationwide.


Growing Opportunities

As a small business owner, I understand the unique challenges facing small business owners and their employees. Whether it’s the family ranch or a retail store, every small business’s success helps power our district, our state, and our nation. In Congress, I will fight on behalf of small businesses and family farms in Colorado and nationwide.


Defending American Values

We face many threats and conflicts at home and abroad. As a veteran and Army Reserve officer, I know the importance of a ready military and a strong national defense.  In Congress, I will vigorously defend the American values of liberty and justice for all against any foreign or domestic threat.


Restoring Honest Leadership

The opportunity to serve in Congress is an honor and a privilege, not a retirement plan for wealthy elites. Citizens should run for office because they are dedicated to public service over personal ambition. That’s why I support fair and bipartisan redistricting, term limits for Congress, and a 10 year ban on Members of Congress becoming lobbyists after they leave office.