Restoring Honest Leadership

The opportunity to serve in Congress is a privilege, not a retirement plan for elites. Citizens should run for office because they are dedicated to public service over personal ambition.


Restoring integrity to Congress:

The vast majority of Americans disapprove of how our Members of Congress do their jobs. Too many of our representatives refuse to hold town halls or respond to voter concerns. They do the bare minimum to get re-elected. They treat serving in Congress like a retirement plan. This is unacceptable.

In Congress, I will join forces with Democrats, Republicans, and independents to streamline the nation’s budget and find common sense solutions to the biggest challenges we face. I will work closely with the people and industries I represent to do it right, and I’ll stand up to my colleagues in Congress when they’re wrong.

Fair government:

I will hold regular and open town halls throughout the district. I will make every effort to hear and understand your concerns. My office will take your letters and phone calls with gratitude. We will respond to as many as we can and as promptly as possible.

Gerrymandering, or the practice of redrawing district lines to give one party an unfair advantage, is unpopular with Americans regardless of their political leanings. Gerrymandering stifles democracy and robs voters of a chance to choose the representatives they actually want. I will fight for fair and bipartisan redistricting.