Supporting Small Businesses and Farms

Every small business’s success helps power our district, our state, and our nation. In Congress, I will fight on behalf of small businesses and family farms in Colorado and nationwide.


Building Opportunities:

Making the things we need creates big opportunities in Colorado. Whether it's a manufacturing plant or the family farm, small businesses depend on a qualified and knowledgeable workforce, free and open trade, and a strong market for locally produced goods. 

I support increased investment in our small businesses and the infrastructure they rely on. This includes increased funding for infrastructure, such as roads, rail, and broadband, neutral internet access, and programs to help tomorrow's workforce gain the skills they need in the twenty-first century.

Protecting Family Farms:

Low commodity prices force small farmers to fold to  bigger operations that can survive on low profit margins. Generations of families have lived on their farms only to be forced to sell in the last decade. 

We must have open and thriving trade in agricultural commodities with our neighbors. American farmers grow and raise more food than Americans eat. If farmers can't sell it to others, we suffer, and small towns suffer the most. American farmers depend on foreign trade.



Revitalizing Small Towns:

Our small towns are in decline due lack of jobs and economic opportunity, poor infrastructure, and low commodity prices that force family farms out of  business.

Many people want to stay and raise their families in small towns, and they need the opportunity to do so. Things Congress can do to help include programs to assist with small business loans and support for infrastructure.

Transportation options would allow people who enjoy small town life to work in a larger town and commute back to their smaller town to spend their money and pay taxes.