Protecting Justice for All:

 In Congress, I will vigorously defend the American values of liberty and justice for all against any foreign or domestic threat. I will demand that my colleagues do the same.

This means ensuring that everyone has a say in their government, equal protection under the law, and the same great opportunities to thrive.

We’re lucky to have good international relationships with our neighbors and allies, and I’m committed to strengthening these relationships and working together with our allies whenever we share values and goals.

Supporting Military Families:

Veterans and active-duty military are our friends, family, and neighbors. Because my wife also serves in the Army Reserve, and is currently deployed to Germany, I’ve seen the toll deployments can take on military families.

Supporting our military means standing with our soldiers and their families at every stage from recruitment to retirement and helping soldiers make a smooth transition back to civilian life after service. It means avoiding unnecessary conflicts with diplomacy and smart negotiating. It means a modernized defense budget with an emphasis on smart technology and a strong Reserve force.

Taking care of our military and their families ensures that we’ll always have volunteers eager to serve, ready to protect and defend us when we need them most.